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To apply for a position at MMG (non-intern), please email resume to [email protected] or apply via LinkedIn below.




MMG offers internship opportunities throughout the year for our New York City office.

What does an internship entail?

Internships are volunteer positions at our management company. Interns may perform many duties including answering phones, filing or scanning talent pictures, assisting with the uploading of pictures and resumes onto our website, assisting our staff at open call, and/or processing new contracts and applications in the model and talent database. Interns may,also, assist our bookers by calling talent to inform them of auditions and bookings.

The advantages of internship include:

  • Learning the logistics of talent management work.
  • Learning the basic aspects of marketing.
  • Learning about customer service and customer communications.
  • Learning about the fashion, electronic/print media and entertainment industries.
  • Learning about talent development and advancing talent careers.

Other advantages include:

  • A fast-paced work environment
  • Meeting creative people
  • Exposure to potential career opportunities should you decide to pursue this industry

Internship requirements:

Outgoing, assertive personalities are best suited to the fast-paced environment of our international management company. Flexibility and quick thinking are absolutely required. The office environment doesn’t allow much time for training so an intern must be a quick study.

Interns must have a willingness to perform work that does not appear glamorous (filing, data processing, etc).

Interns may volunteer to work one or more days a week, 24 hours per week max. This is not a paid position, but school credit is an option.

You can apply for an internship by sending a resume/portfolio and brief introduction to [email protected].

What are MMG interns saying?

“My experience interning for MMG was a great 8 weeks of my semester. I learned so much about the entertainment industry from the side that not many people see and it really is the backbone of all entertainment. I acquired office skills as well as communication skills. Work never felt like work because of the group of people I was surrounded by. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and continued to help me throughout my stay. It was a totally relaxed atmosphere and was a great first internship experience!” – Danielle H., Spring Intern